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Our Story

How We Fell in the Love With the Plant-Based Life

Hello everyone! We are GC and The "W" a Vegan|Plant-based Couple.

May 2020 we were challenged by good friends of ours to go completely vegan for 30 days.  We accepted the challenge. After 30 days, we felt amazing, had shed a few pounds, and had tremendous energy.

We decided to do another 30 days and the results were incredible. GC had Type 2 Diabetes and he experienced a considerable improvement in his blood sugar levels. 

The "W' had hypertension and she saw her blood pressure decrease to a normal range. 

To sweeten the deal, the Plant-based Food created in their kitchen was tasty and full of vibrant colors, taste, and texture.

12 Months later The "W" is 81 pounds lighter, GC is also lighter these days.

They fell in love with the Plant-based Life and have dedicated their life to becoming the best version of themselves; a life of wholeness. They are passionate about sharing their health journey and encouraging others to strive to reach their own health goals.

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